Leaderboard - Finland

Score Games
1 erica 1200 11
2 Void 1187 71
3 Kerappo - 221
4 argyl - 10
5 justakid - 21

Online players: benelli, Johnny_D, tachyon, Kaiser, corneron, Math14, Fredidilique, Bobby4, Jeremy3, Sarahsvati13 , Chronorub, kou, ahvike, Nares, JackieBoy, testy, Holden2341, Dominic, Melchisedek, Joe, HSK, VibroDog, skankwilsonite, mun_hk, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, BlueAngel, LucienDonell, RomanIPL, Formosa_Taiwan, QuinnDec, ThanhThang, toothpick, JohnsonGreg, shiaolung, mikeeeee, paolosco, Gina, manadeshi, Arowa_Z, Stonemender, sushijunkie, Godzilla1966, catcat, Yevgeniy , bowing372.

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