Basic info
Member since: 02/2020
Last active: 38 days ago
Games played: 22
Games lost by timeout: 0
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 49)
Winning streak: 2 (longest: 8)
Game stats
Score: 1391 (highest: 1391)
Ranking: #411 overall
Overall: 22 (+18 -4 =0) 81.8%
As Black: 11 (+9 -2 =0) 81.8%
As White: 11 (+9 -2 =0) 81.8%
With classic opening: 17 (+15 -2 =0) 88.2%
With random opening: 5 (+3 -2 =0) 60%
Awards (7/19)

Online players: atwo2000, argos7, carlbarks, Knotty15, Blawh, BEREK, Taaxi, Drip_Drop, JoJoKer, jmcdermid, ChengMing, arien, Rumahoy, Jacqui, Musclor13, hanie, nedio_99, dvougs, powerless, EOS, bot_level_1, bot_level_2, Stonemender, BMF, Heron1972, Iseult, Bil2, MissDaisy, christian777, eatcode, Selwyn, Mari2, Wiimli, l1985l, JohnsonGreg, David30, Supersteve, cagleyleslie, QueenB, HegeMarie, olidan, Kronbi, rambo, HiroK, Northernk, Chronorub, ffdpgal, Stein, SergioBcn, lavox, Christopher9, danroig, Eric13, LuigiLamberti, Ernestoetienne , dublnr, mansoor103, Happycat, issa1966, lacoursj, RuthEllen, lviam, rubik2727, Othellodrew, Lucie, PTD, Fredidilique, Selyanka, lumi, cdubendo, Sharon7, pitiful, Abelitooo95, tenguest, dchappell2203, Jeff3, ZonSonja67, sworn, indigo, BarnelFedtskrog, naoto, QuillionsGhost , Corteccia, Heliya236, barabenje, HouseOfGar, MisellyS, nbay, annefranc, Quentin2, Olicoom, Renay, Fuebar19, Tomtoday, Amtsi, Svitjod, malexf, ronenosity, Mercedes, LucienDonell, savagelobster, wister808, ttt21, KupOgecca, Bubblehammer, iznogood, Lorphos, Zebulon, OHYGGLO, mannehund1.

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