Basic info
Member since: 03/2020
Last active: 115 days ago
Games played: 71
Games lost by timeout: 8
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 11)
Winning streak: -7 (longest: 5)
Game stats
Score: 1138 (highest: 1235)
Ranking: n/a
Overall: 71 (+29 -38 =4) 43.7%
As Black: 36 (+17 -18 =1) 48.6%
As White: 35 (+12 -20 =3) 38.6%
With classic opening: 58 (+29 -25 =4) 53.4%
With random opening: 13 (+0 -13 =0) 0%
Awards (6/19)

Online players: paolosco, gp, HegeMarie, Tyrandt, boing, leto2, samiraramina, pecoll, jarnac, Snake_51, jmcdermid, Heron1972, Berani1989, l1985l, Holyghost, Bubblehammer, Trekkie15, iznogood, Math14, rubik2727, Rumahoy, Musclor13, czecza, Lungshadow, manadeshi, brianothello, RuthEllen, KupOgecca, ttt21, Kaeriisu857, tombruno, Jacqui, Quentin2, yuzuman, joppe, cdubendo, cagleyleslie, sarok, amirmasoud, Wilbowaggins, Duui, paibantet, average, lacoursj, xiaomao, jmas224, Dominic, pitiful, PO, Dracula1000, biggayal112, JohnsonGreg, YO_, crystal, yashu, AlexanderBrim, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, Fraser, fish, kmarao, KingdomKrumb, RomanoB, Phil, jason036, mbro, SidneyTN, malexf, Abelitooo95, leoh24o, carlbarks, Alphaoth, sagadabeans, Fredidilique, QueenB, axelereitor, LucienDonell, Schamane, Stonemender, 00791lm, amine86, CharlieBrown, midre, hesiming, MattyJ, Luke_O, oers, Zenish, Czargon, BarnelFedtskrog, argos7.

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