Basic info
Member since: 09/2020
Last active: 29 days ago
Games played: 17
Games lost by timeout: 1
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 1)
Winning streak: -1 (longest: 3)
Game stats
Score: 1233 (highest: 1258)
Ranking: #751 overall
Overall: 17 (+7 -9 =1) 44.1%
As Black: 8 (+4 -3 =1) 56.3%
As White: 9 (+3 -6 =0) 33.3%
With classic opening: 15 (+6 -8 =1) 43.3%
With random opening: 2 (+1 -1 =0) 50%
Awards (1/19)

Online players: Rumahoy, jarnac, LucienDonell, mun_hk, The_Burglar, RuthEllen, boing, tzell, olidan, lumi, jsubialk, bot_level_2, Nares, bot_level_1, jmcdermid, MissDaisy, garethcthomas, Tomtoday, WizardJR, Bluenotes61, l1985l, Stonemender, mongol790, cagleyleslie, luimx, Chronorub, edefex, Mina, Rishabh3, iznogood, laan0402, Shintaro, Wilbowaggins, QueenB, ruqhawa, dublnr, zocalo, PrPL, skankwilsonite, theanna, Chigemol, lacoursj, Omicron, ChocoAme, JohnsonGreg, JackieBoy, ManicFR, Odipus, rubik2727, kendall, mmariomm, Candyornot, EOS, jasonbastien, lavox, Lou, KingdomKrumb, Musclor13, Mike13, Fuebar19, dantaro, MintyExcitement, tombruno, HegeMarie, rkt, Kinsayder, foolorclever, derhohebaum, ll, ethmah01, cdubendo, kele, fish, Jeff3, Biapri, Othellodrew, snazzy_playa, Numbcat, Dracula1000, Babafemi, mikeeeee, lviam, diodatimichele, Teffychan, One, Cloud_HK.

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