Basic info
Member since: 10/2017
Last active: 2 years ago
Games played: 118
Games lost by timeout: 36
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 8)
Winning streak: -9 (longest: 12)
Game stats
Score: 1114 (highest: 1491)
Ranking: n/a
Overall: 118 (+52 -65 =1) 44.5%
As Black: 57 (+22 -34 =1) 39.5%
As White: 61 (+30 -31 =0) 49.2%
With classic opening: 88 (+33 -54 =1) 38.1%
With random opening: 30 (+19 -11 =0) 63.3%
Awards (8/19)

Online players: RuthEllen, Musclor13, Daijoubu, Mike65, ChengMing, manadeshi, Kenchi0510, JackieBoy, Rumahoy, jarnac, rubik2727, Chronorub, Stonemender, skankwilsonite, YannDuval, Joe, l1985l, chicgennuggat, Dominic, wister808, simpletech, Amelrus, HegeMarie, jmcdermid, cdubendo, Christopher9, typos, midre, Tomtoday, Selwyn, cagleyleslie, priskajoan, AVEKE, Donaldo_Pierre, Dean2, Gregg72, cwolin, JoJoKer, Rogger, JohnsonGreg, Happycat, Cloud_HK, ffdpgal, nedio_99, EOS, Numbcat, Drip_Drop, inpo, bluelotus, chenlong, Eric13, otellino, LucienDonell, BlueAngel, ronenosity, basementwall, War1725, TonyPerkis, Clyde42, mehdivelayati, JustinW, Brenner, hkpeter, t_ohshimizu, bot_level_2, EBITDA, bot_level_1, Augustin, KimJongun, lumi, MMJ_OTHELLO, sagadabeans, Svitjod, Tyrandt, MissDaisy, chickenwing, corneron, mmariomm, volofvol, AKIAN, harveymannor, dublnr, KupOgecca, iznogood, jin.

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