Basic info
Member since: 01/2021
Last active: 8 hours ago
Games played: 65
Games lost by timeout: 0
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 89)
Winning streak: -1 (longest: 44)
Game stats
Score: 2141 (highest: 2159)
Overall: 65 (+63 -2 =0) 96.9%
As Black: 36 (+36 -0 =0) 100%
As White: 29 (+27 -2 =0) 93.1%
With classic opening: 52 (+51 -1 =0) 98.1%
With random opening: 13 (+12 -1 =0) 92.3%
Awards (11/19)

Online players: tsukipi, Edy2, Gerbulus, Lobo, Gonnan, AudioCD, Graham, JuanMx, Rune_Flaekoy, RuthEllen, YannDuval, lavox, HegeMarie, EBITDA, Shintaro, Mervyn, manadeshi, Trekkie15, luimx, jf, lunaray, mmmjaca, Ando, PrPL, Jem, sbstnmntlf, NickyS, testy, Charlesprieto13, dak_91, jarnac, Selwyn, MintyExcitement, rambo, qthello, Heron1972, Dhead, Basicjim, KntkyFrydJihadi, Phil, jtommer, BigCorn, Biapri, War1725, PM35, cagleyleslie, pjruiz, tombruno, Things_Are_Cool, JohnsonGreg, gusterbuster, l1985l, Pito, Umar2, EOS, cdubendo, nsmith, mcrow, Euchre987, shu1111, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, Senin76, KupOgecca, Sir_Paulord, tenguest, Numbcat, Chigemol, strangebreww, obi, dig, Sean77, Luke_O, fish, LucienDonell, tenguestskyguse, Mercedes, ggemma, Stonemender, foolorclever, Chiefidiotinchf, Necroskull, z0calo.

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