Basic info
Member since: 01/2021
Last active: 118 days ago
Games played: 36
Games lost by timeout: 0
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 28)
Winning streak: 6 (longest: 9)
Game stats
Score: 1325 (highest: 1325)
Ranking: n/a
Overall: 36 (+17 -18 =1) 48.6%
As Black: 16 (+8 -7 =1) 53.1%
As White: 20 (+9 -11 =0) 45%
With classic opening: 36 (+17 -18 =1) 48.6%
With random opening: 0 (+0 -0 =0)
Awards (7/19)

Online players: bot_level_2, djtexcarr, Upsilon, jasonbastien, rambo, Thanksplay, bot_level_1, Tins, strangebreww, l1985l, PTD, Greatwall, midre, JackieBoy, cdubendo, Othellodrew, ShenChengYiBa, Renrocks, Senin76, pod, Zoomy, typos, Tyrandt, HegeMarie, jensebr, Heron1972, kaokaochan, RomanoB, PapyRamens, Gazza33, dak_91, Pianist, KupOgecca, Mercedes, lunaray, cagleyleslie, JohnsonGreg, dig, Andri, Paolobarsotti, NickyS, WhenYou, tombruno, Babafemi, AudioCD, BobaCactus, War1725, Walteryong1969, SergioBcn, maxthecat, abphie, nedio_99, dtss707, Dhead, Stbnnts, ebbonflow, mcrow, Selwyn, Ernestoetienne , Tatyana, garethcthomas, Just_Jack , WereCookie, Math14, Super_Ace, pikapika, Mathieu, Dracula1000, Kwnji, light0420, QuillionsGhost , Berani1989, mbro, sbstnmntlf, xiaomao, EnricoTormene, iznogood, LucienDonell, toptal, Sebi2357, Exodus, Fredski, kmarao, Race_Bannon, berrabz, Melika, Thunder, buildAndPlay, SongeureSagesse, dantaro.

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