Basic info
Member since: 07/2021
Last active: 42 days ago
Games played: 6
Games lost by timeout: 0
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 2)
Winning streak: -2 (longest: 1)
Game stats
Score: 1187 (highest: 1217)
Ranking: #1645 overall
Overall: 6 (+2 -3 =1) 41.7%
As Black: 3 (+0 -3 =0) 0%
As White: 3 (+2 -0 =1) 83.3%
With classic opening: 6 (+2 -3 =1) 41.7%
With random opening: 0 (+0 -0 =0)
Awards (1/19)

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