Basic info
Member since: 02/2019
Last active: 1 year ago
Games played: 132
Games lost by timeout: 0
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 54)
Winning streak: 4 (longest: 6)
Game stats
Score: 1443 (highest: 1480)
Ranking: n/a
Overall: 132 (+55 -70 =7) 44.3%
As Black: 67 (+31 -34 =2) 47.8%
As White: 65 (+24 -36 =5) 40.8%
With classic opening: 91 (+45 -41 =5) 52.2%
With random opening: 41 (+10 -29 =2) 26.8%
Awards (10/19)

Online players: horcazap, snodrvr, Heron1972, JackieBoy, boing, thousand_summer, Fredidilique, CorbinMalone, Drip_Drop, lunaray, HeyItsDrew, jin, PrPL, Graham, PM35, ALiang, rambo, manadeshi, Jem, Donaldo, JohnsonGreg, pechenyushka, BigCorn, Shintaro, IceOnFire, l1985l, otellino, HegeMarie, pecoll, gekioko, Biapri, victoriyuh, Stbnnts, jensebr, RuthEllen, War1725, kou, paolosco, dylDawg, d_k, LucienDonell, Jersh, cagleyleslie, chunlingling, Erez, ElinWella, mmmjaca, Selwyn, chenlong, pjruiz, dak_91, Sun, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, cdubendo, MHTANG, Greatwall, einekleinenacht, JeremyFesting, Kenchi0510, nsmith, loricater, Chickenlittle, lavox, KupOgecca, Race_Bannon, JCMH, Phil, Babafemi, snazzy_playa, xiaorang2, Tomtoday, kanocchi, DenChloeIvan, mmariomm, AlexMercer, Thanksplay, WereCookie, Pepper_0, SongeureSagesse, EOS, strangebreww.

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