Basic info
Score: 1123 (highest: 1200)
Ranking: n/a
Member since: 04/2019
Last active: 1 year ago
Games played: 11
Games lost by timeout: 9
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 1)
Winning streak: -8 (longest: 1)
Game stats
Overall: 11 (+1 -10 =0) 9.1%
As Black: 6 (+0 -6 =0) 0%
As White: 5 (+1 -4 =0) 20%
With classic opening: 11 (+1 -10 =0) 9.1%
With random opening: 0 (+0 -0 =0)
Awards (1/19)

Online players: Asher, pitiful, stratedge, James25, djohansson, Stonemender, SergioBcn, LuckyEITAN, cube22, JackieBoy, manadeshi, Selwyn, Tyrandt, MissDaisy, fish, QueenB, JohnsonGreg, maven, notLurka, Tomato, ManicFR, bills187, chunling, MTJ2, rambo, captainFoxtrot, halfb4halfway, xamuel, 962th_taro, lviam, DroopyTers, Gera, EOS, Graham, xiaorang, Chris19, jarnac, cagleyleslie, foompy_katt, Valentin2, Chronorub, Bobby3, straussg, Heron1972, PO, Oinkymoo, cimets, Gina, jmcdermid, pulpon, Fudjin, lacoursj, cemoa, FlipseyHussle, Dominic, ru87qod, l1985l, Nightfox, cdubendo, Nares, RachelRuixi, Zoomy, kou, Zeon0MS, issa1966, Robsthem, pizzanugget, baffbaff, mmariomm, paolosco, Othellodrew, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, Walteryong1969, dchappell2203, Rogger, Guy, KupOgecca, ruyun, strangebreww, naoto, eRose, jfr, sirallens, JohnnyPM_SWEAT, ll, LucienDonell, rubik2727, xiaomao, savvyjac3o3, atwo2000, Teo3, Juggler, Renaud, MintyExcitement, tochtli63, Pappy, Fraser.

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