Basic info
Score: 1193 (highest: 1220)
Ranking: n/a
Member since: 05/2019
Last active: 364 days ago
Games played: 5
Games lost by timeout: 2
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 1)
Winning streak: 1 (longest: 1)
Game stats
Overall: 5 (+2 -3 =0) 40%
As Black: 3 (+1 -2 =0) 33.3%
As White: 2 (+1 -1 =0) 50%
With classic opening: 4 (+2 -2 =0) 50%
With random opening: 1 (+0 -1 =0) 0%
Awards (1/19)

Online players: moosetro, Teo3, yuzuman, anddy87, Numbcat, jmcdermid, Tomato, Dianabegal, Tomas2, kamerux, Udon, dublnr, Vindeline, pitiful, icemilo, Mike13, WanderingOwl, Dominic, Krystian, Melchisedek, Nightfox, Zeon0MS, fetchOdds, 962th_taro, rambo, tsuzura, halfb4halfway, ame, wayly, xamuel, Mikaela2, lacoursj, CHINA315, Professional, LucienDonell, JohnsonGreg, Zoomy, lviam, xiaomao, PO, captainFoxtrot, FlipseyHussle, bills187, QueenB, Chronorub, EOS, ruyun, BMF, foolorclever, requiest7, Pappy, smontiel, Valmont, Amelrus, XiaoCai, Khazubragh , Tyrandt, blacktigers, Othellodrew, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, skankwilsonite, mmariomm, oreocookie, othello17sai, skyisfallin, sirimiri, foompy_katt, Asher, JCMH, Maiden_Hell, S, brianothello, Cfs2020, chunling, chessQ, htsjeruk, MaximeC, Joe, Donaldo_Pierre, JustinW, growth_light, qiannian, UncleRoger, Stonemender, white, Phil, chen, testy, KupOgecca, MusicElle.

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