Basic info
Score: 1213 (highest: 1213)
Ranking: n/a
Member since: 07/2019
Last active: 213 days ago
Games played: 9
Games lost by timeout: 4
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 1)
Winning streak: -4 (longest: 5)
Game stats
Overall: 9 (+5 -4 =0) 55.6%
As Black: 4 (+2 -2 =0) 50%
As White: 5 (+3 -2 =0) 60%
With classic opening: 7 (+4 -3 =0) 57.1%
With random opening: 2 (+1 -1 =0) 50%
Awards (2/19)

Online players: Berani1989, WeirdoKun, StevieD, Johnny_D, indigo, Martin11, KupOgecca, muchmess, 00791lm, mmariomm, skankwilsonite, Mercedes, Robsthem, ultraGrumpy, amandine57, andrseib, Fudjin, lulluye, wizardofelves, ggg, tuoved, Declan, Fredidilique, Jacqui, cagleyleslie, mdavis, ahvike, Lungshadow, pulpon, AudioCD, Tatyana, paolosco, devico, xmav000, ttt21, xophos, bunsonator, othello17sai, otellino, Chronorub, Bobby3, VibroDog, l1985l, mcoyle, Hamal, Dominic, Joe, LucienDonell, MrEquatol, OHYGGLO, Nares, heysaji, Yevgeniy , Olicoom, Math14, spathistis, JCMH, bennyzzzzzzz, KipKasper4, bot_level_1, bot_level_2, dchappell2203, harinder, drosophile, Walteryong1969, EBITDA, Tomoda, shiaolung, sky, Terry5, Caffa, m940504, counterprojects, HSK, Selyanka, Blufalcon, BlueAngel, sworn, oers, Mathieu, Misna, NeilUK, Nazgal, Vicserl, Lunawave, PapyRamens, zeus4875.

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