Basic info
Member since: 09/2019
Last active: 341 days ago
Games played: 26
Games lost by timeout: 2
Played every day for the last: 0 (longest: 1)
Winning streak: 4 (longest: 7)
Game stats
Score: 1317 (highest: 1317)
Ranking: n/a
Overall: 26 (+21 -5 =0) 80.8%
As Black: 13 (+11 -2 =0) 84.6%
As White: 13 (+10 -3 =0) 76.9%
With classic opening: 24 (+20 -4 =0) 83.3%
With random opening: 2 (+1 -1 =0) 50%
Awards (5/19)

Online players: jmcdermid, FretlessMoss, Rishabh3, Vicserl, Shintaro, lizscarlett, HegeMarie, Lungshadow, Amelrus, nedio_99, PrPL, MissDaisy, tombruno, Selwyn, cagleyleslie, axelereitor, Jaytorrent, oers, Numbcat, mongol790, Cloud_HK, rambo, atwo2000, strangebreww, SexyLion, Nares, lacoursj, sco, xiaomao, boing, Tatyana, Stephen5, TreinadorBR, powerless, Snorlax3, theanna, indigo, MisellyS, Maria9, KupOgecca, Stonemender, menkillerrabbit, Rumahoy, DenChloeIvan, JohnsonGreg, LucienDonell, SergioBcn, Bluenotes61, Omicron, Bastet, fish, dylDawg, mbro, RuthEllen, Kermur, colison, jtommer, Chigemol, PhanAnh, olidan, derhohebaum, Zoomy, Musclor13, Duui, sarok, Kenchi0510, kendall, midre, Kronbi, hirimai, rafafallo, Formosa_Taiwan, t_ohshimizu, KingdomKrumb, fredericandres, savagelobster, Juggler, crystal, TheScum, Ustad, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, diodatimichele, barabenje, Kinsayder, CheekyBAndit, House, EOS, mannehund1, toptal, Feedlord, sagadabeans, kimilsung, Clyde42, Summer, hkpeter, dublnr, carlbarks, LuigiLamberti, otellino, Flask, AlexMercer, MintyExcitement, jasmine7, czecza, Abelitooo95, pitiful, AKIAN, sworn, argos7, TheSpook, JackTheRipper, Othellodrew, Eugene3, Donaldo_Pierre.

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