Tournament games - 06/2020 - Standard

Online players: Tueme, PilgrimofLife, Heron1972, JohnsonGreg, Teehee_02, BigCorn, rabien, Pianist, mikargo, RomanoB, Fractal9 , cagleyleslie, Cornix11, Toazen, Aerial, PM35, AlexMercer, Akira53, paolosco, Bunnys, IanChan, Melancholy, colison, lavox, cdubendo, dylDawg, Lilho, KupOgecca, Selwyn, HegeMarie, mitch319, eudora, BobaCactus, bot_level_2, bot_level_1, dak_91, ALiang, othelloph, nedio_99, Sean77, Nares, mikeeeee, ftanean, crystal, Thunder, Thanksplay, Kelly3, Co, kaimonstah, Tay, otellino, JackieBoy, 211raby, Stbnnts, Squirrel, mcrow, qiannian, achnee, Formosa_Taiwan, snazzy_playa, t_ohshimizu, jensebr, TheStandler, foolorclever.

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